Yonex Latvia InternationalYonex Latvia U17
Dates: May 30 – June 2, 2019March 29 – 31, 2019
City: JelgavaCity: Sigulda
Zemgale Olympic Center
Sigulda Sports Center
Kronvalda 24,
Jelgava, LV-3004, Latvia
Ata Kronvalda 7A,
Sigulda LV-2150, Latvia

Zemgale Olympic Center

Total area – 1631,6 m2
Area of the Sport – 1485 m2 (45 x 33 m)
Height – 12,55 m
Light – 1700 lux
Seating capacity – 2064

Sigulda Sports Center

Area of the Sport – (48 x 30 m)
Height – 10,30 m
Seating capacity – 250
Water amusement park
Swimming Pool
Strength training area and Athletic area
Café Eklers

“Yonex Latvia International” choose Jelgava city

Mareks Gruškevics (President of Latvian badminton federation), Andris Rāviņš (Mayor of Jelgava city), Ilgvars Strazdiņš (“Yonex” distributor for Latvia and Lithuania)

Jelgava city


Jelgava, also referred to as Mītava or Mitau
Population: 60 000
Territory: 60,32 km2
Elevation: 2,5 – 4,5 m above the sea level
Climate: Warm summer and spring, relatively mild autumn, cold winter. First frosts are observed at the beginning of October; first snowfalls happen in December; snow melts by the end of March.
Ethnic composition: 58,9% Latvians, 26,9% Russians, 5,6% Belarusians, 2,5% Ukrainians, 1,9% Poles, 1,4% Lithuanians, 0,8% Romanies, 2% other (2015)
Situated just 42 km away from Riga.
Hub of six main motorways and five railway lines.
Notable industrial, administrative, educational and cultural centre.

Jelgava – a wonderful city

  • Jelgava is the fourth largest city in Latvia after Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja.
  • Jelgava is a city of students – 10% of the city’s population are students of LLU.
  • Historical potential – the majority of former Latvian presidents come from Jelgava.
  • Jelgava Palace is located here, which was designed by B.Rastrelli around the same time with Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.