Transport will be provided between Tournament Hotels competition venue only. Available for the duration of the event.

The train is one of the most important means of transport for passenger carriage from Jelgava to Riga and vice versa. Trains from the Riga Central Station 25 times a day, on the way to 50 minutes, the price of €1.90 Jelgava railway station – only 700 m from the venue

Public transport in Jelgava
Public transportation services in Jelgava are provided by Jelgavas Autobusu Parks.
The company manages public transportation with buses and small-capacity buses.
Price €1,50.

Bus to Kaunas (“Yonex Lithuanian International”)
The organizers of “Yonex Lithuania Open 2018” will provide a bus from Jelgava to next week’s tournament in Kaunas (230 km) immediately after the finals on Sunday, June 3.

Tournament official car – Renault Talisman