Protection measures for persons who arrived in Latvia

Travellers who have arrived in Latvia from an affected area with cumulative indicator above 16, should take special protection measures  – self-isolation and carefully monitor their health for 14 days after their arrival in Latvia incl., taking body temperature twice a day. 

On 28 July, the Latvian Government intends to approve the arrangements for special conditions for international sports competitions in Latvia represented countries on the “blacklist”.
The draft determines the following:
* The participants must have been accredited before (not only players and umpires, but also coaches, physiotherapists, etc.)
* When crossing the border of Latvia, a Covid-19 test (not before 3-day) with a negative result must be presented
* Within 24 hours of crossing the Latvian borders, a Covid-19 test must be performed in Latvia. It is paid by the participants themselves
* Until the negative results of Latvia’s Covid-19 test have been received, self-isolation must be performed without living together with other participants. Therefore, on the first day of the tournament, the participants will remain in hotel Riga, then go to Jelgava with the tournament’s transport.
* Participants receive special rules to participate in the competition, but in other circumstances, self-isolation requirements must be made, including no tours, parties, etc.
These points are only for participants from the “Blacklist” countries.
Participants from countries with low Covid-19 prevalence should comply with the normal epidemiological prudential requirements.