Latvia withdrawn the BWF junior ranking tournament in Liepāja

The Latvian Badminton Federation has withdrawn its application to hold the BWF Junior ranking tournament “Yonex Latvia Junior” on November 11-13, 2021 in Liepaja. “The reason is not only Covid-19. Liepaja tournament had to be the first BWF Junior ranking tournament in Latvia, and I would not want to start anything new in such restrictive circumstances. In addition, the BWF ranking is still frozen since January 1, 2021, so players and coaches reducing the interest in participating, “explains Kristians Rozenvalds, Secretary General of the Latvian Badminton Federation.

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Newsletter a week before the tournament

Hello players and coaches of Yonex Latvia International 2021.
The badminton tournament in Jelgava will start in a few days. 
We are ready to host. We are waiting for players, coaches, umpires in Jelgava!
This is the latest information about the tournament before participants go to Latvia

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Tournament status report on Friday, August 6th

We promise to answer the status of the tournament on Friday. We decided to try to organize Latvian tournament. We know that players and coaches are waiting for the opportunity to play, the tournament is a motivation to continue training and dream of the growth of badminton with a view to the future.
But we have to be ready that the conditions for the tournament will be specific due to the limitations of Covid-19.

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Will Yonex Latvia International 2021 be canceled?

On August 1, the organizers of the tournament sent an e-mail to the participants, because the situation has changed within a week since the end of registration. Since this week, the situation is much worse, allowing it to get even worse.This is exactly contrary to our expectations that due to vaccination and warm weather, the spread of Covid-19 will decrease and will not interfere with the tournament.

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Polish juniors dominate the Yonex Latvia U17 podium

Polish juniors dominated in the Latvian city of Sigulda, where the Badminton Europa  U17 circuit tournament Yonex Latvija U17 took place. The Polish badminton pair won the first titles in all three doubles disciplines, while in the men’s singles the title was won by Yevgeny Stolovoy from Ukraine, and the women’s singles title was won by Gianna Stiglich from Italy.

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“Yonex Latvia International 2021” has been postponed to the end of August

“Yonex Latvia International 2021” has been postponed to August 26-29. Similarly, the Latvian tournament in 2020 was postponed due to Covid-19 from the beginning of June to the end of August. “Unfortunately, for two years in a row, the Latvian tournament cannot take place on time due to Covid-19,” says Kristians Rozenvalds, director of the tournament Yonex Latvia International and Secretary General of the Latvian Badminton Federation.

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Open for further participants

IMG_4632European Badminton Confederation has approved and published on the internet regulation (invitation) of  Future Series badminton tournament “Yonex Latvia International 2017”. This year Latvian badminton tournament will be open to further participants at qualifying tournament, as well as the Main Draw will be able to participate 32 doubles pair. “Yonex Latvia International”  will take place in early June – from 1 to 4 June. Venue: Jelgava Sports Hall.

>>>  Download the invitation from BEC internet site