Training before and during the tournament

It will be possible to practice on the tournament courts only on Thursday evening, while on tournament days the courts will be busy with tournament games.

On the days of the tournament, players will be able to use free wooden courts for training. They will be free on Friday until 11:20, as well as on Friday afternoon when the U13 boys and girls doubles tournament will have freer courts

In case the tournament ends earlier than 22:00 on Friday and Saturday, players have the opportunity to practice until 22:00. However, the reservation will not be organized.

Training times on Thursday, November 10

Court 1Court 2

It is possible to change the training times, but the coaches have to do it themselves by communicating with each other.

Training on the badminton court mats is only for players participating in the U19 tournament.

Players participating in the U13, U15 or Challenge Cup only can practice on the wooden courts on the Friday morning before the start of the tournament (11.30am) or on the warm-up practice court on a Thursday afternoon from 18:00

Transport list – Arrival

This is a list of all registered flights that we will meet at the airport. If you do not find your flight in this list, please write to the tournament email: or call +371 29546666.

November 1010:05BT102GERKristians Rozenvalds1
November 1013:55W6 2532GERAinārs Gureckis4
November 1014:10LH890INDAinārs Gureckis2
November 1014:10LH890GERAinārs Gureckis1
November 1016:15GotheburgSWEKristians Rozenvalds3
November 1016:40HamburgT/OKristians Rozenvalds1
November 1017:55LO 781ISRSalvis Rostoks3
November 1111:40East MidlandsENGAinārs Gureckis3

Departure from Yonex Latvia International 2022

This list contains departure time information for participants who completed the e-form.
If you cannot recognize your flight information in the list, it means that your e-form and departure time information has not been received.

Fill out the e-form “Departure from Yonex Latvia International 2022”

Information is updated September 5, 2022, 22:00 (Riga time)

Country or TeamFlight number or flight toNumber of personsTime of departure (24h)Arrival from JelgavaArrival from
Chinese TaiepeiLH 0893 706:15:0003:15ZemgaleMinibus 8
IndiaLH 893 106:15:0003:15ZemgaleMinibus 8
IndiaAF-7983107:25:0004:45JelgavaMinibus 8
SingaporeBT617607:45:0004:45JelgavaMinibus 8
TO (Nederland)BT617107:45:0005:00SenlīčuRenault Zoe
SwitzerlandBT 291112:05:0009:30AgateRenault Zoe
CanadaAir Baltic 233116:25:0012:00JelgavaMinibus
USABT 325 118:45:0012:05ZemgaleMinibus

Newsletter in the week before the Yonex Latvia International

New tournament email:

We have created new tournament email address: The previous e-mail will continue to operate (the e-mail will be forwarded to the new e-mail).
This change was made, because we have received information, that some emails did not reach our mailbox. We apologize for this situation! 
We hope that with the new email, all issues have been resolved.

Airport transport registration

We have created two registration forms:
A) for arrival to the tournament >>> Open e-form
B) for departure from the tournament >>> Open e-form
Transport reservations can only be made through these forms.
The two-form process is both to ensure all data are correct and cross-checked (e.g., spam filters, errors while copying from e-mail to a document, etc.), as well as to save the time of players, coaches and tournament organizers.
>>> See list of arrival of participants of Yonex Latvia International
This list contains arrival time information for participants who completed the e-form.
If you cannot find your flight information in the list, it means that your e-form and arrival time information has not been received.

Tournament Meeting point at the Airport

When arriving at Riga airport, please head to the meeting point, which will be located in the departure hall of Riga airport. This is one floor above the arrivals, above exit C by the bobsled sled, which is clearly visible. The tournament staff will be there in Yonex Latvia International t-shirts, and a Yonex sign will also be visible.
At the meeting point, the players will be collected and directed to the nearest shuttle bus to Jelgava. 
The bus will run every 90 minutes. A minibus and several cars will also operate at the same time.

Transport in Jelgava

A shuttle bus from the hall to the hotels will not be provided during the tournament. The tournament hotel Zemgale is located only 750 meters from the Hall.
Also every participant with a tournament ID card can use the city’s public transport for free.
Please also take a look at the offers of the cooperation partners of the tournament, including the possibility to rent an electric car Renault Zoe for €40 per day (no additional fees, not even fuel), as well as to use Fiqsy e-scooters with a special discount.
>>> See offer for transport in Latvia

Training in the main sports hall

Wednesday before the tournament, from 16:00 players will have opportunity to train in the main hall. Three out of 6 courts can be reserved by national federations that have paid the tournament entrance fee, while three courts will be freely available without registration from 18:00.
On the day of the competition, the matches will start at 9:30, but from 8:00 all courts will be open for practice (no reservations).
Like previous two years, during the tournament there will be a separate warm-up court “Lavazza Lounge”, which will act as part of the Meeting point before going to the playing court.
>>> See info about practice in the mail sports hall

Training hall

We have created a special practice hall located in another hall, Ozolnieki, Stadiona Street 5. There will be 4 courts with wooden flooring.
The fee for one player (not coaches) is €5. It can be paid in the training hall on the spot, paying in cash or by card. The payment can also be made by bank transfer together with the tournament entry fee, by prior arrangement.
The length of the training is unlimited.
The training hall will also host the Challenge Cup, where players who lost games on Thursday and Friday will be able to take part. A doubles tournament in “Playminton” format will also be held in this hall.
>>> See info about practice hall in Ozolnieki

Covid-19 restrictions (are not in force in Latvia)

Currently there are no official restrictions on Covid-19 in Latvia, either when entering or staying in the country.
As a precaution, players are invited to control their health, not to be in the hall with Covid-19 symptoms. Express tests will also be available on site.
The umpires will not use handshake with the players as a greeting on court.
Players are also invited to stay with their team, minimizing contact with representatives of other teams (keep 2 meters distance as much as possible).

Seats in the sports hall

The sports arena has two stands on each side of the field of play.
Stands, located closer to the spectators’ entrance, will be reserved for spectators with free entry. The other stand will be reserved for participants with tournament accreditation only. Players can set up their location there, but please watch your belongings, despite the fact that no incidentshave happened during all previous tournaments in Jelgava.

Awarding also with bronze medals

Players who lose in the semifinals are invited to the awards ceremony after the finals.
An award ceremony is optional for the losers of the semi-finals.
If it is planned to leave sooner, please get the bronze medals from the tournament director. Unfortunately, sponsors’ gifts will be given only to those who participate in the ceremony, it’s a part of sponsorship deal to have podium photos with the participant and the gift.

Tap water in your own bottles

Jelgava city water supply water is officially recognized as suitable for drinking without the need for additional filtering or processing.
Please use your own bottles for drinking. Thinking about ecology, water in plastic bottles will not be offered during the tournament.

Lunch and dinner in the hall

During the tournament, a cafe will operate on the first floor of the Zemgale Olympic Center. In the morning, the cafe will offer breakfast, later also lunch and dinner. The cafe will be open from 9:30 to 20:30.
The complex offer for lunch (soup, main course and drink) and dinner (main course, drink and dessert) will cost €5 each. National Federations can prepay meal vouchers by bank transfer. 

Tournament afterparty every night

During the tournament, starting from Wednesday, every evening there will be a tournament afterparty at the sports beer restaurant “Viedi” – Cukura iela Cukura 21, Jelgava, LV-3002 – 1.1 km from the Sports Hall, 1.1 km from Hotel Jelgava and 1.2 km from Hotel Zemgale.
You can watch live sports broadcasts on the big TV screens, including badminton, football, basketball, etc. By presenting the tournament ID card, coffee or 0.3 beer welcome drink is free of charge. The restaurant offers at least 15 different types of beer, produced right there in the Viedi brewery.
>>> See info about brewery “Viedi”

Free entry to the Sand Sculpture Park with the tournament ID card

During the tournament, we invite you to visit the world-famous Jelgava sand sculptures. Upon presentation of the tournament ID card, entry to the sand sculpture park on Post Island is free. Post Island also has several cafes and one of the city’s two sandy beaches. We invite you to relax here!
>>> See info about the Sand Sculpture Park

The Challenge cup in singles

On Saturday, September 3, when the 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals of the tournament will take place, the Challenge cup in singles will be held in the training hall. Participants who are no longer playing in the ranking tournament, but have not yet left Jelgava and are looking for an opportunity for sparring matches, are invited. The Challenge cup will be held in the training hall, Ozolnieki.
The participation fee is €10. The main task of the Challenge cup – at least three games for each. Schuutles – their own.
Application until September 2 at 20:00, in the competition secretariat at the tournament director, or send the application by e-mail to

Challenge Cup in singles

On Sunday morning, while the 1/2 finals will be held in the ranking tournament, the doubles tournament in Playminton format will be held in the training hall.Playminton is “king-of-the-court” style format, where players apply individually, they get assigned to player groups and each group is playing series of games (21-point game). In each game partners are changed so everybody plays together with everyone else in the group. The scores are recorded for each player individually and total number of points won across all games decides the final standings. Online entry form will be open from friday evening. The total duration of the tournament is 3 hours.
Read more about the format on

Arrival of participants to Yonex Latvia International 2022

This list contains arrival time information for participants who completed the e-form.
If you cannot recognize your flight information in the list, it means that your e-form and arrival time information has not been received.

Information is updated August 31, 2022, 06:30 (Riga time)

(Information in the list is updated once a day, in the evening, from 22 to 23.)

Fill out the e-form “Arrival to Yonex Latvia International 2022”

Country or TeamFlight number or flight fromNumber of personsDate of arrivalTime of arrival (24h)Transport
FinlandBT32612022.31.806:35:00Car 1
TO (Finland)BT22212022.31.808:50:00Renault Trafic 1
BulgariaFR7293 Vienna 12022.31.809:30:00Renault Trafic 1
SlovakiaFR 7293 Vienna12022.31.809:30:00Renault Trafic 1
FranceBT13212022.31.811:40:00Renault Trafic 2
VietnamFR281922022.31.812:00:00Renault Trafic 2
FranceFR 2819 Beauvais12022.31.812:00:00Renault Trafic 2
SwitzerlandOS 7027 (Vienna AT)12022.31.812:20:00Renault Trafic 2
TO (Austria)BT27212022.31.812:20:00Renault Trafic 2
GermanyBT22212022.31.812:30:00Mercedes Sprinter
PortugalLH89022022.31.812:55:00Mercedes Sprinter
Germany A220-30042022.31.813:00:00Mercedes Sprinter
Germany BT 24412022.31.813:00:00Mercedes Sprinter
NorwayDY107212022.31.813:15:00Renault Trafic 1
United KingdomBT61822022.31.813:15:00Renault Trafic 1
EstoniaBus from Estonia12022.31.813:30:00Renault Trafic 1
TO (Finland)AY107312022.31.813:55:00Renault Trafic 1
IrelandBT66212022.31.814:10:00Renault Trafic 1
FinlandFR9329 Helsinki52022.31.815:05:00Mercedes Sprinter
FinlandHelsinki22022.31.815:05:00Mercedes Sprinter
TO (Estonia)BT314 12022.31.816:25:00Car 1 
CanadaAS14812022.31.816:40:00Car 1
ItaliaAY1075 HEL32022.31.817:20:00Mercedes Sprinter
WalesFR287042022.31.817:55:00Mercedes Sprinter
EnglandFR1664 East Midlands22022.31.818:50:00Renault Trafic 1
EnglandRF166432022.31.818:50:00Renault Trafic 1
FranceairBaltic – BT24612022.31.821:50:00Renault Trafic 2
CanadaAir Baltic 23412022.31.822:05:00Renault Trafic 2
ScotlandFR 197612022.31.822:10:00Renault Trafic 2
England Fr264422022.31.822:35:00Renault Trafic 2
Finland AY 107112022.1.908:50:00Car 1
England FR264222022.1.911:05:00Mini Bus 1
EnglandFR264222022.1.911:05:00Mini Bus 1
ItaliaBT132 CPH12022.1.911:40:00Mini Bus 1
PolandBT 132 from Copenhagen 12022.1.911:40:00Mini Bus 1
Czech RepublicFR 8256 Prague22022.1.912:40:00Mini Bus 2
NorwayDY1072 Oslo52022.1.913:15:00Mini Bus 2
SwitzerlandBT 061812022.1.913:35:00Mini Bus 2
AustriaAY107512022.1.917:20:00Car 1
IsraelLO78122022.1.917:55:00Car 1
DenmarkFR327522022.1.919:20:00Car 2
GermanyBT23422022.1.921:30:00Mini Bus 2
AustriaBT274 Vienna22022.1.921:55:00Mini Bus 2
SwedenD8332012022.1.922:35:00Mini Bus 2

Looking for a doubles partner?

We have created a special page on the tournament website, that collects information about players looking for a partner in doubles or mixed doubles. 
It will be useful in both U17 and U13, U15 and U19 tournaments.
To register a player looking for a pair, please send an email to
In order to pair, the players’ representatives communicate with each other themselves.
Please note that in the U17 tournament, pairing must be done and approved by the national federations of both players.

Player nameCountrySexEventLooking for DB?Looking for MIX?Contacts of the player’s representative
Nikola MukieleLatviaFemaleU17NoYesAinars Gureckis
Anete PreidnieceLatviaFemaleU17NoYesAinars Gureckis

News summary on August 3

Dear participants of the Yonex Latvia International 2020!

First of all, I thank you very much for your trust. We’re doing everything to make the tournament happen. Together, let’s rebuild the movement at World badminton!
We have received applications from 19 countries, 118 players and 147 entries. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t recovered yet after lockdown, but it’s good to have a lot of players and a lot of countries wanting to go back to normal badminton life.

We’ll start Friday at 4 courts
Based on the number of entries, BWF has approved the schedule of the Yonex Latvia International tournament to the following: 
Thu, 20:00, August 27 (at the Venue) – Team Managers Meeting 
Fri, 11:00, August 28 (at the Venue) – Umpires Briefing 
Fri, 12:00, August 28 – Qualification rounds 
Fri, not before 16:00, August 28 – 1/16 finals 
Sat, 10:00, August 29 – 1/8 finals 
Sat, 16:00, August 29 – 1/4 finals 
Sun, 10:00, August 30 – 1/2 finals 
Sun, 15:00, August 30 – Finals and the award ceremony afterwards.

The situation wtih Covid-19 changes daily.
Many of you are interested in the situation with Covid-19. The situation changes dayly. A section about Covid-19 has also been created on the tournament’s website:
Here’s also a link to the website of the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control where you can find list of countries from which it is possible and not possible to enter Latvia freely. The list is updated weekly. It is prepared in Latvian, English and Russian languages.
Do not worry those who are from “blacklist” countries, because the Latvian government has approved special rules for participants in major sports events like Yonex Latvia International.  Details can be found on this same website. Don’t worry either because the situation changes every day. Such a country might no longer be on the “blacklist” after three weeks.

Jelgava – cheap hotels and meals
Jelgava is waiting for participants of badminton tournament.
We offer sleeping in a comfortable hotel of the University for only €15 per night. In the gated hall there will be a cafe with the adjunct of daily food for lunch and dinner for more than €5.
Traditional festival “Milk Pack Boat Regatta” in Jelgava will take place on Saturday, at the same time as the badminton tournament. In the Football stadium next to the Sports Hall on Saturday evening, at the same time as the badminton tournament will take place Latvian Football league match FC Jelgava vs FC Spartaks Jurmala

Training and sparring
It will be possible to practice on Thursday afternoon before the tournament and Friday morning before the tournament. Teams can sign up for training times.
Players who will lose in qualifying and 1/16 finals will be able to participate in the challenge tournament, it will take place on Saturday, August 29. Good awards will be offered.

News summary on August 9

Latvia continues to prepare badminton tournament Yonex Latvia International to restore life in World badminton tournament calendar. 
It’s motivation for players, coaches, umpires, sponsors, fans and the media. 

We use the fact that Latvia is one of the most secure Covid-19 countries of Europe.
In addition, there is a government protocol in Latvia – players from Covid-19 “blacklist” countries can also participate in the competition, including Yonex Latvia International 2020.

Borders are open, travel is allowed everywhere in Europe. Can also travel from Covid-19 blacklist countries, but in a normal situation everyone would have a limit to apply 14-day self-isolation. 
But participants of the badminton tournament Yonex Latvia International may fail to comply with the 14-day self-isolation if they can show a negative Covid-19 test performed before the Latvian border, as well as perform a repeat test within 24 hours in Latvia. In my opinion, very proportionate requirements.

New “blacklist” countries
The list of countries is currently the following, but it changes every week. There is no reason to grieve those who are on this list now, there is no reason not to worry those who are not on the list now. Everything can change. No one can say anything.
Here you can find an address to a document in English about countries.

Participants  don’t have 14-day self-insulation
Previously, I wrote that participants from Covid-19 “blacklist” countries would initially have to be quarantined in Hotel in Rīga. It won’t be necessary. The players who come to Latvia will initially go for the Covid-19 test, then go to hotel. Before the results of the Latvian test have not been received (by e-mail), the players have to comply with self-isolation (there are no contacts with other players, public transport, supermarkets, etc.).
We will continue to negotiate with the laboratory on the price of the service. In Latvia Covid-19 tests are currently officially cost €59. I think we’ll be able to negotiate discounts and barter, but we don’t promise it yet. We can’t pay these tests for our own money, but we will seek refunds with free pizza and snack kits and other gifts from our sponsors.
The laboratories are both in Riga and Jelgava.

Ranking after unfreezing
I’ve received a lot of questions about the world ranking. On Friday, BWF sent out its Memo. The results of the Latvian tournament will certainly be included in the ranking, but the BWF world ranking will not be immediately unfrozen, as it is not yet clear whether and when the next tournament will take place. The results of the Latvian tournament will be included once the ranking is unfrozen.

Withdrawal without penalty
A lot of questions about whether BWF will apply $150 in penalties to players who won’t participate in the tournament because of Covid-19.
Referring to information from Badminton Europe, that “no penalties are imposed”.
It must be correct here! Unpunished withdrawals must be linked to Covid-19.

Canceling the tournament?
Are there circumstances why the Latvian tournament may have been canceled? Yes of course there are! 
First – It may also be the Governments’ decision to shut down borders again, cancel trips.
Second – if Latvia enters the Covid-19 blacklist by 21 August. Thus we would create problems for all participants;
Third – We will have to cancel any of the events (not tournament) when there are fewer than 8 participants in any of the events or everyone will be from one country only. But I hope it doesn’t happen because the number of participants announced is high.

* Continuing training for Latvian tournament!
* Save your entry! If there are problems with Covid-19, there will still be a chance to withdraw!
* Plan your trip, plan accommodation, plan your caterering, but do not make any unthinked prepayment bookings at this difficult time!

Tournament responsibility
We don’t ask to prepay for entry fees, accommodation, catering, training options etc.
Just as players have no responsibility for withdrawal, tournament organisers have limited liability this year. It is possible that the “black list” counties changing, borders are closing again, that travel rules are changing, new restrictions arise. No one can insure it and compensate it afterwards…
But currently Latvia and Jelgava are open. We are looking forward to the participants in the Yonex Latvia International. We promise good conditions to play and practice, as always in Jelgava. Together we can restore the Badminton calendar around the world.

Badmintona spēlētāji no Jelgavas devušies uz Paņevežiem


Lai gan Jelgavā notikušais Pasaules reitinga badmintona turnīrs Yonex Latvia International noslēdzās jau svētdien, 2. jūnijā, taču daudzi badmintonisti Jelgavā uzkavējās ilgāk, lai LLU Sporta centrā gatavotos nākamajam Pasaules reitinga turnīram RSL Lithuania Internatonal, kurš no 6. līdz 9.jūnijam notiek Paņevežos. Šobrīd visi Yonex Latvia International ārzemju dalībnieki no Latvijas ir jau izbraukuši. Continue reading