Transport list – Arrival

This is a list of all registered flights that we will meet at the airport. If you do not find your flight in this list, please write to the tournament email: or call +371 29546666.

November 1010:05BT102GERKristians Rozenvalds1
November 1013:55W6 2532GERAinārs Gureckis4
November 1014:10LH890INDAinārs Gureckis2
November 1014:10LH890GERAinārs Gureckis1
November 1016:15GotheburgSWEKristians Rozenvalds3
November 1016:40HamburgT/OKristians Rozenvalds1
November 1017:55LO 781ISRSalvis Rostoks3
November 1111:40East MidlandsENGAinārs Gureckis3

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