Training before and during the tournament

It will be possible to practice on the tournament courts only on Thursday evening, while on tournament days the courts will be busy with tournament games.

On the days of the tournament, players will be able to use free wooden courts for training. They will be free on Friday until 11:20, as well as on Friday afternoon when the U13 boys and girls doubles tournament will have freer courts

In case the tournament ends earlier than 22:00 on Friday and Saturday, players have the opportunity to practice until 22:00. However, the reservation will not be organized.

Training times on Thursday, November 10

Court 1Court 2

It is possible to change the training times, but the coaches have to do it themselves by communicating with each other.

Training on the badminton court mats is only for players participating in the U19 tournament.

Players participating in the U13, U15 or Challenge Cup only can practice on the wooden courts on the Friday morning before the start of the tournament (11.30am) or on the warm-up practice court on a Thursday afternoon from 18:00


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