Special offers for participants of badminton tournament in Sigulda

The Yonex Latvia Junior tournament offers special offers for recreation, attractions and transport, which could be interesting for tournament players, coaches, accompanying persons, as well as tournament technical officials.
If you are interested in these offers, please write an e-mail: junior@yli.lv or contact the tournament office by phone +37129546666 or at the Sigulda Sports Center

We have received a special offer from the water park, which is located in Sigulda’s sports center, right where the tournament will take place. The special offer is valid on Friday from 19:30 to 21:00 and on Saturday from 18:00 to 19:30. The price of the special offer is 10 euros (instead of 18.50 for adults and 15.50 for pupils and students). It is available to both players and coaches, as well as parents and accompanying persons.
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Tarzan Obstacle Park
We have received a special offer from Tarzan Obstacle Park.
It is relevant on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.
The price of Tarzāns Toboggan Track for 3 euros instead of 4 euros.
The price of Tarzāns Obstacle Park is 12 euros for coaches and players instead of 20 euros for adults and 15 euros for youth.

Electric car rental offer
Tournament participants have the opportunity to rent an electric car Renault Zoe at a special price of 39 euros per day. The price includes 100 free km. The car can be picked up at the airport and must be returned at the Airport.
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