Departure from Yonex Latvia International 2022

This list contains departure time information for participants who completed the e-form.
If you cannot recognize your flight information in the list, it means that your e-form and departure time information has not been received.

Fill out the e-form “Departure from Yonex Latvia International 2022”

Information is updated September 5, 2022, 22:00 (Riga time)

Country or TeamFlight number or flight toNumber of personsTime of departure (24h)Arrival from JelgavaArrival from
Chinese TaiepeiLH 0893 706:15:0003:15ZemgaleMinibus 8
IndiaLH 893 106:15:0003:15ZemgaleMinibus 8
IndiaAF-7983107:25:0004:45JelgavaMinibus 8
SingaporeBT617607:45:0004:45JelgavaMinibus 8
TO (Nederland)BT617107:45:0005:00SenlīčuRenault Zoe
SwitzerlandBT 291112:05:0009:30AgateRenault Zoe
CanadaAir Baltic 233116:25:0012:00JelgavaMinibus
USABT 325 118:45:0012:05ZemgaleMinibus

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