Newsletter in the week before the Yonex Latvia International

New tournament email:

We have created new tournament email address: The previous e-mail will continue to operate (the e-mail will be forwarded to the new e-mail).
This change was made, because we have received information, that some emails did not reach our mailbox. We apologize for this situation! 
We hope that with the new email, all issues have been resolved.

Airport transport registration

We have created two registration forms:
A) for arrival to the tournament >>> Open e-form
B) for departure from the tournament >>> Open e-form
Transport reservations can only be made through these forms.
The two-form process is both to ensure all data are correct and cross-checked (e.g., spam filters, errors while copying from e-mail to a document, etc.), as well as to save the time of players, coaches and tournament organizers.
>>> See list of arrival of participants of Yonex Latvia International
This list contains arrival time information for participants who completed the e-form.
If you cannot find your flight information in the list, it means that your e-form and arrival time information has not been received.

Tournament Meeting point at the Airport

When arriving at Riga airport, please head to the meeting point, which will be located in the departure hall of Riga airport. This is one floor above the arrivals, above exit C by the bobsled sled, which is clearly visible. The tournament staff will be there in Yonex Latvia International t-shirts, and a Yonex sign will also be visible.
At the meeting point, the players will be collected and directed to the nearest shuttle bus to Jelgava. 
The bus will run every 90 minutes. A minibus and several cars will also operate at the same time.

Transport in Jelgava

A shuttle bus from the hall to the hotels will not be provided during the tournament. The tournament hotel Zemgale is located only 750 meters from the Hall.
Also every participant with a tournament ID card can use the city’s public transport for free.
Please also take a look at the offers of the cooperation partners of the tournament, including the possibility to rent an electric car Renault Zoe for €40 per day (no additional fees, not even fuel), as well as to use Fiqsy e-scooters with a special discount.
>>> See offer for transport in Latvia

Training in the main sports hall

Wednesday before the tournament, from 16:00 players will have opportunity to train in the main hall. Three out of 6 courts can be reserved by national federations that have paid the tournament entrance fee, while three courts will be freely available without registration from 18:00.
On the day of the competition, the matches will start at 9:30, but from 8:00 all courts will be open for practice (no reservations).
Like previous two years, during the tournament there will be a separate warm-up court “Lavazza Lounge”, which will act as part of the Meeting point before going to the playing court.
>>> See info about practice in the mail sports hall

Training hall

We have created a special practice hall located in another hall, Ozolnieki, Stadiona Street 5. There will be 4 courts with wooden flooring.
The fee for one player (not coaches) is €5. It can be paid in the training hall on the spot, paying in cash or by card. The payment can also be made by bank transfer together with the tournament entry fee, by prior arrangement.
The length of the training is unlimited.
The training hall will also host the Challenge Cup, where players who lost games on Thursday and Friday will be able to take part. A doubles tournament in “Playminton” format will also be held in this hall.
>>> See info about practice hall in Ozolnieki

Covid-19 restrictions (are not in force in Latvia)

Currently there are no official restrictions on Covid-19 in Latvia, either when entering or staying in the country.
As a precaution, players are invited to control their health, not to be in the hall with Covid-19 symptoms. Express tests will also be available on site.
The umpires will not use handshake with the players as a greeting on court.
Players are also invited to stay with their team, minimizing contact with representatives of other teams (keep 2 meters distance as much as possible).

Seats in the sports hall

The sports arena has two stands on each side of the field of play.
Stands, located closer to the spectators’ entrance, will be reserved for spectators with free entry. The other stand will be reserved for participants with tournament accreditation only. Players can set up their location there, but please watch your belongings, despite the fact that no incidentshave happened during all previous tournaments in Jelgava.

Awarding also with bronze medals

Players who lose in the semifinals are invited to the awards ceremony after the finals.
An award ceremony is optional for the losers of the semi-finals.
If it is planned to leave sooner, please get the bronze medals from the tournament director. Unfortunately, sponsors’ gifts will be given only to those who participate in the ceremony, it’s a part of sponsorship deal to have podium photos with the participant and the gift.

Tap water in your own bottles

Jelgava city water supply water is officially recognized as suitable for drinking without the need for additional filtering or processing.
Please use your own bottles for drinking. Thinking about ecology, water in plastic bottles will not be offered during the tournament.

Lunch and dinner in the hall

During the tournament, a cafe will operate on the first floor of the Zemgale Olympic Center. In the morning, the cafe will offer breakfast, later also lunch and dinner. The cafe will be open from 9:30 to 20:30.
The complex offer for lunch (soup, main course and drink) and dinner (main course, drink and dessert) will cost €5 each. National Federations can prepay meal vouchers by bank transfer. 

Tournament afterparty every night

During the tournament, starting from Wednesday, every evening there will be a tournament afterparty at the sports beer restaurant “Viedi” – Cukura iela Cukura 21, Jelgava, LV-3002 – 1.1 km from the Sports Hall, 1.1 km from Hotel Jelgava and 1.2 km from Hotel Zemgale.
You can watch live sports broadcasts on the big TV screens, including badminton, football, basketball, etc. By presenting the tournament ID card, coffee or 0.3 beer welcome drink is free of charge. The restaurant offers at least 15 different types of beer, produced right there in the Viedi brewery.
>>> See info about brewery “Viedi”

Free entry to the Sand Sculpture Park with the tournament ID card

During the tournament, we invite you to visit the world-famous Jelgava sand sculptures. Upon presentation of the tournament ID card, entry to the sand sculpture park on Post Island is free. Post Island also has several cafes and one of the city’s two sandy beaches. We invite you to relax here!
>>> See info about the Sand Sculpture Park

The Challenge cup in singles

On Saturday, September 3, when the 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals of the tournament will take place, the Challenge cup in singles will be held in the training hall. Participants who are no longer playing in the ranking tournament, but have not yet left Jelgava and are looking for an opportunity for sparring matches, are invited. The Challenge cup will be held in the training hall, Ozolnieki.
The participation fee is €10. The main task of the Challenge cup – at least three games for each. Schuutles – their own.
Application until September 2 at 20:00, in the competition secretariat at the tournament director, or send the application by e-mail to

Challenge Cup in singles

On Sunday morning, while the 1/2 finals will be held in the ranking tournament, the doubles tournament in Playminton format will be held in the training hall.Playminton is “king-of-the-court” style format, where players apply individually, they get assigned to player groups and each group is playing series of games (21-point game). In each game partners are changed so everybody plays together with everyone else in the group. The scores are recorded for each player individually and total number of points won across all games decides the final standings. Online entry form will be open from friday evening. The total duration of the tournament is 3 hours.
Read more about the format on


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