Ukrainian badminton players win 4 out of 5 Yonex Latvia U17 trophies in Liepāja

On Saturday, August 13, the European badminton U17 ranking badminton tournament “Yonex Latvia U17” ended in Liepāja. Ukrainian juniors, who played in all five finals, won four out of five disciplines. Ukrainians did not win only in women’s singles. Lithuanian Vilte Paulauskaite, who won bronze medal at the European Youth Olympic Games in Slovakia this July, remained undefeated in this discipline. Ivan Tsaregorodtsev was the only one who won more than one trophy, winning in men’s singles and doubles.

More than 100 young people from 8 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic and Ukraine participated in the badminton tournament held in the arena of the Liepāja Olympic Center. Simultaneously with the European Badminton U17 ranking tournament (66 participants), an international U13, U15, and U19 youth tournament was held (75 participants participated).

The European U17 ranking badminton tournament “Yonex Latvia U17” was held in Latvia for the fourth year in a row. Initially, since 2019, the European U17 badminton ranking tournament was held in Sigulda, including in 2020 and 2021, when tournaments were not held in many parts of the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In Liepāja, the European U17 ranking tournament was held for the first time, while in Sigulda, from November 11 to 13 this year, the World Junior Ranking Badminton Tournament “Yonex Latvia Junior” will be organized for the first time in Latvia.

The Yonex Latvia U17 2022 tournament is proud of the fact that we were able to invite Ukrainian young athletes to Latvia in this difficult time, providing the athletes with free participation, free accommodation and meals. It was the least the tournament could do for Ukrainian players, in solidarity with what is happening in Ukraine. And great satisfaction for the success of the Ukrainian players in the Latvian tournament, it was a great experience of badminton games for the players of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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1. Ivan Tsaregorotsev (UKR)
2. Marti Joost (EST)
3. Vladyslav Kunin (UKR)
3. Andrei Schmidt (EST)

1. Vilte Paulauskaite (LTU)
2. Maria Koriagina (UKR)
3. Viktoriia Polyichuk (UKR)
3. Anna Kovalenko (UKR)

1. Yegor Romaniuk (UKR)  & Ivan Tsaregorotsev (UKR)
2. Oleksandr Chyrun (UKR) & Danylo Mats (UKR)
3. Marti Joost  (EST) & Rasmus Roogsoo (EST)
3. Karl Aksel Männik (EST) & Siim Saarse (EST)

1. Maria Koriagina (UKR) & Yaroslava Vantsarovska (UKR)
2. Vilte Paulauskaite (LTU)  & Monika Sukackaite (LTU)
3. Polina Barannyk (UKR) & Jogaile Keleciute 
3. Heili Merisalu (EST) & Emilia Shapovalova (EST) 

1. Danylo Mats (UKR) & Viktoriia Polyichuk (UKR) 
2. Vladyslav Kunin (UKR) & Yaroslava Vantsarovska (UKR)
3. Andrei Schmidt (EST) & Heili Merisalu (EST) 
3. Oleksandr Chyrun (UKR) & Maria Koriagina (UKR)


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