Arrival of participants to Yonex Latvia International 2022

This list contains arrival time information for participants who completed the e-form.
If you cannot recognize your flight information in the list, it means that your e-form and arrival time information has not been received.

Information is updated August 31, 2022, 06:30 (Riga time)

(Information in the list is updated once a day, in the evening, from 22 to 23.)

Fill out the e-form “Arrival to Yonex Latvia International 2022”

Country or TeamFlight number or flight fromNumber of personsDate of arrivalTime of arrival (24h)Transport
FinlandBT32612022.31.806:35:00Car 1
TO (Finland)BT22212022.31.808:50:00Renault Trafic 1
BulgariaFR7293 Vienna 12022.31.809:30:00Renault Trafic 1
SlovakiaFR 7293 Vienna12022.31.809:30:00Renault Trafic 1
FranceBT13212022.31.811:40:00Renault Trafic 2
VietnamFR281922022.31.812:00:00Renault Trafic 2
FranceFR 2819 Beauvais12022.31.812:00:00Renault Trafic 2
SwitzerlandOS 7027 (Vienna AT)12022.31.812:20:00Renault Trafic 2
TO (Austria)BT27212022.31.812:20:00Renault Trafic 2
GermanyBT22212022.31.812:30:00Mercedes Sprinter
PortugalLH89022022.31.812:55:00Mercedes Sprinter
Germany A220-30042022.31.813:00:00Mercedes Sprinter
Germany BT 24412022.31.813:00:00Mercedes Sprinter
NorwayDY107212022.31.813:15:00Renault Trafic 1
United KingdomBT61822022.31.813:15:00Renault Trafic 1
EstoniaBus from Estonia12022.31.813:30:00Renault Trafic 1
TO (Finland)AY107312022.31.813:55:00Renault Trafic 1
IrelandBT66212022.31.814:10:00Renault Trafic 1
FinlandFR9329 Helsinki52022.31.815:05:00Mercedes Sprinter
FinlandHelsinki22022.31.815:05:00Mercedes Sprinter
TO (Estonia)BT314 12022.31.816:25:00Car 1 
CanadaAS14812022.31.816:40:00Car 1
ItaliaAY1075 HEL32022.31.817:20:00Mercedes Sprinter
WalesFR287042022.31.817:55:00Mercedes Sprinter
EnglandFR1664 East Midlands22022.31.818:50:00Renault Trafic 1
EnglandRF166432022.31.818:50:00Renault Trafic 1
FranceairBaltic – BT24612022.31.821:50:00Renault Trafic 2
CanadaAir Baltic 23412022.31.822:05:00Renault Trafic 2
ScotlandFR 197612022.31.822:10:00Renault Trafic 2
England Fr264422022.31.822:35:00Renault Trafic 2
Finland AY 107112022.1.908:50:00Car 1
England FR264222022.1.911:05:00Mini Bus 1
EnglandFR264222022.1.911:05:00Mini Bus 1
ItaliaBT132 CPH12022.1.911:40:00Mini Bus 1
PolandBT 132 from Copenhagen 12022.1.911:40:00Mini Bus 1
Czech RepublicFR 8256 Prague22022.1.912:40:00Mini Bus 2
NorwayDY1072 Oslo52022.1.913:15:00Mini Bus 2
SwitzerlandBT 061812022.1.913:35:00Mini Bus 2
AustriaAY107512022.1.917:20:00Car 1
IsraelLO78122022.1.917:55:00Car 1
DenmarkFR327522022.1.919:20:00Car 2
GermanyBT23422022.1.921:30:00Mini Bus 2
AustriaBT274 Vienna22022.1.921:55:00Mini Bus 2
SwedenD8332012022.1.922:35:00Mini Bus 2

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