“Yonex Latvia International 2022” will have 219 badminton players from 35 countries

The application deadline expired for World Ranking Badminton Tournament “Yonex Latvia International”. 219 players from 35 countries have applied for the tournament this year. 32 players from Latvia, 24 from Poland, 20 from Estonia, 18 from Ukraine and 15 from Lithuania. “Yonex Latvia International 2022” will be held in Jelgava from September 1 to 4.

For the first time, badminton players from Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Egypt and East Timor will be represented at the tournament in Jelgava. Since 2016, when “Yonex Latvia International” is held in Jelgava, the number of participating member states has already reached 60, including such distant countries as Australia, Barbados, Chile, Dominican Republic, French Polynesia. Indonesia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, the organizers of the tournament have set a new goal – 100 flags, thus becoming the most international event in Latvia.

Badminton players from Bahrain, Canada, the USA, India, Malaysia, as well as many European countries will participate in the Jelgava tournament again this year. This year, players from Russia and Belarus were not allowed to apply, because players from these countries are prohibited from participating in World Ranking tournaments.

18 players from Ukraine will participate in the tournament in Jelgava. They are exempted from the tournament entry fee, and they will also be provided with free meals and accommodation, in cooperation with Jelgava City Municipality and tournament sponsors.

The war in Ukraine has also affected the names of the tournament’s badminton courts. This year, the courts will not be named after the sponsors of the tournament, but after Ukrainian cities. Court names in the names of Ukrainian cities will be specified by the Ukrainian Badminton Federation on August 18, two weeks before the start of the tournament, as well as a day before the publication of the match schedule. The Badminton Federation of Ukraine will also clarify which of the names will be used for the final court, as well as the two semi-final courts.

In the previous six years, since “Yonex Latvia International” has been held in Jelgava, badminton courts have been named after 19 sponsors of the tournament, including “Inbox.lv”, “Lāči”, “Venden”, “Rinkushkiai”, “Tērvetes Alus”, “Zemgale health center”, “European Hit Radio”, “Super FM”, “Mix FM”, “EcoLead”, “Megogo”, “Coral Club, “Marinenburg”, “Evelatus”, “Ruukki”, “Maxxis”, “Mūsa Motors ”, “Opel Insignia” and “Renault Talisman”. The sponsors of the 2022 tournament were informed in time that the names of the courts will not be used for advertising purposes this year.

“It seemed obvious to me that at a time when we can hold a tournament, but the next tournament scheduled in the world and European calendar in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv cannot take place because of the war, we honor Ukraine and its victimized cities and badminton centers in our tournament in Latvia,” says Kristians Rozenvalds, director of “Yonex Latvia International”.

“Yonex Latvia International” will be held in Jelgava, Zemgale Olympic Center, from September 1 to 4. There will be a qualification tournament on September 1st, which will also continue on September 2nd in the morning. On September 2 at 13:00 the official opening of the tournament will take place and the main tournament will begin with the 1/16 finals. On September 3 there will be 1/8 finals in the morning and in the afternoon from 15:30 will be the 1/4 finals. On September 4, there will be 1/2 finals in the morning, but finals from 15:00. The tournament will take place in all five Olympic badminton disciplines – men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, mixed doubles. Spectators will have free entry.

The world ranking badminton tournament “Yonex Latvia International” is organized by the badminton club “Badminton 100” registered in Jelgava with the support of the Jelgava municipality, the Council of Latvian Sports Federations and the Latvian Badminton Federation. Since 2014, the Latvian tournament has been sponsored by the badminton equipment manufacturer “Yonex”.


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