Newsletter a week before the application deadline to Yonex Latvia U17

We remind you that the application deadline is July 12, 2022 for the Badminton Europe Circuit tournament Yonex Latvia U17, which will be held in the seaside city of Liepāja from August 11 to 13.

Only national federations can apply for the U17 tournament using the website:

>>> See more about Yonex Lafvia U17 2022
>>> See invitation of Yonex Latvia U17 2022

U13, U15 and U19 tournaments

The application deadline for the U13, U15 and U19 tournament is August 8. Players participating in the U17 tournament will be able to join later, reacting to their results in the U17 tournament. 

News about the U19 tournament: taking into account the mission of this tournament – sparring for players, players born in 2003 will also be accepted if necessary.

>>> See more about U13, U15 and U19 tournaments

Team tournament in the badminton 100 relay format

Also, the application deadline for the team tournament in the badminton 100 relay format is Monday, August 8. Teams can be entered by clubs and countries. The team tournament is free of charge. But only players registered in one of the individual tournaments in U13, U15, U17 and U19 age groups will be able to use in the team composition.

>>> See more about team tournament

Find us on Facebook

The Facebook page “Yonex Latvia International” has been created. Follow it and find out about the World Ranking Badmitnon Tournament Yonex Latvia International in Jelgava, September 1-4, the World Ranking Junior Tournament Yonex Latvia Juicior in Sigulda, November 11-13 and the Badmitnon Europe U17 Circuit Tournament Yonex Latvia U17 in Liepaja, November 11-14 August 13

See Facebook page “Yonex Latvia International”

Special conditions for Ukrainian players

In cooperation with the Badminton Federation of Ukraine, Yonex Latvia tournaments have specified the conditions for the participation of Ukrainian players. They will have the opportunity to participate in all Yonex Latvian tournaments free of charge in the same status as Latvian volunteers, who help to set up the tournament venue and participate as volunteers or line judges during the tournament.

>>> See more about conditions for Ukrainian players

News about Transport

The “Transport” page have been created on the tournament website. 

The “Transport” page contain information on the possibility of getting to Latvia cheaper, on transport options in Latvia, including from Riga to Liepaja, as well as on transport options in Liepaja during the Tournament.

>>> See page “Transport” on the tournament website. 

News about accommodation

The “Accommodation” page have been created on the tournament website. 

The “Accommodation” page contains information about all accommodations that will be available during the tournament. It should be taken into account that the tournament will be held in a seaside town during the tourist season. We invite you to send accommodation applications as soon as possible.accommodation applications as soon as possible.

>>> See page “Accommodation” on the tournament website. 


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