Looking for a doubles partner?

We have created a special page on the tournament website, that collects information about players looking for a partner in doubles or mixed doubles. 
It will be useful in both U17 and U13, U15 and U19 tournaments.
To register a player looking for a pair, please send an email to yli17@badminton.lv.
In order to pair, the players’ representatives communicate with each other themselves.
Please note that in the U17 tournament, pairing must be done and approved by the national federations of both players.

Player nameCountrySexEventLooking for DB?Looking for MIX?Contacts of the player’s representative
Nikola MukieleLatviaFemaleU17NoYesAinars Gureckis
Anete PreidnieceLatviaFemaleU17NoYesAinars Gureckis

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