Invitation to international youth badminton tournament in the Latvian seaside city of Liepāja

We are few weeks before the application deadline for the Badminton Europe U17 Circuit Badminton tournament Yonex Latvia U17 2022, which will take place in the Latvian seaside city of Liepaja, from August 11 to 13, at the same time with the U13, U15, U19 tournaments and Badminton 100 relay team tournaments. The application deadline for the Yonex Latvia U17 tournament is July 12, registration is online, only national federations can apply.

>>> See the online registration form for the tournament

The application deadline for the U13 tournament is August 8. U15 and U19 tournaments are also open until August 8, but U15 and U19 tournaments will also open later for players who lose in the first games of the Badmiton Europe U17 Circuit tournament Yonex Latvia U17.

>>> See information on the U13, U15 and U19 tournaments.

Registration for the Badminton 100 relay team tournament is August 8th. National and club teams can enter. Two age groups – U15 and U19. There is no entry fee. But only players participating in individual tournaments will be able to play for the team composition. The application must be made by e-mail:, with the subject writing “Team Tournament”, on body of e-mail writing the name of the team, club or country, age group, and the name, telephone and e-mail of the team manager.

>>> See information on the Badminton 100 Relay Team Tournament

Please note that:
1) The tournament takes place from Thursday to Saturday evening. The hall will also be available on Wednesday.
2) The tournament takes place in the seaside town of Liepaja, in the very center of the season, so we invite you to bring beach clothes and equipment.
>>> See information about the city of Liepaja

Information on transport, accommodation, meals and other tournament information is published in the tournament invitation. But we can also answer any additional questions you may have about participating in the Latvian tournament.
>>> See the tournament invitation on the Badminton Europe website

Looking for a doubles partner?

We have created a special page on the tournament website, that collects information about players looking for a partner in doubles or mixed doubles.
It will be useful in both U17 and U13, U15 and U19 tournaments.
To register a player looking for a pair, please send an email to
In order to pair, the players’ representatives communicate with each other themselves.
Please note that in the U17 tournament, pairing must be done and approved by the national federations of both players.
>>> See page “Looking for a doubles partner?”

Tournament director: Aigars Brečs ‭+371 29536457
Tournament Referee: Kristians Rozenvalds, +371 29546666
Tournament e-mail:
Tournament website:

Šim attēlam ir tukšs alt atribūts; faila nosaukums ir

The Facebook page “Yonex Latvia International” has been created. Follow it and find out about the World Ranking Badmitnon Tournament Yonex Latvia International in Jelgava, September 1-4, the World Ranking Junior Tournament Yonex Latvia Juicior in Sigulda, November 11-13 and the Badmitnon Europe U17 Circuit Tournament Yonex Latvia U17 in Liepaja, November 11-14 August 13

>>> See Facebook page Yonex Latvia International

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