Newsletter a week before the tournament

Hello players and coaches of Yonex Latvia International 2021.
The badminton tournament in Jelgava will start in a few days. 
We are ready to host. We are waiting for players, coaches, umpires in Jelgava!
This is the latest information about the tournament before participants go to Latvia

About Covid-19

All current information is published and updated on the Covid-19 page on tournament website .
To enter the hall all players and coaches must complete online registration form
By filling in the questionnaire, the participant undertakes to follow the Covid-19 protocol of the tournament. 
The main things are well-known in Covid-19 era – face masks are mandatory for all in the sport hall. No “exceptions”. Also the “2-meter rule” is to be followed Players can take off the masks only while on court.

>>> See more about Covid-19 regulations


There will be a café in the venue. Daily lunch offer costs ~5 euros.
Dining indoors is only allowed for customers having a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate. 
There is no such restriction for outdoor tables. This regulation currently applies to all cafes and restaurants in Latvia.
The cafe in the venue also has an outdoor terrace, so they will be able to serve all participants of the tournament. You will also be able to eat your own food on the terrace. No eating in the hall is allowed (partly because of the mask mandate).

>>> See more about Services at Sport Hall

Transport from the airport

On Wednesday and Thursday there will be a tournament bus, which will depart from the airport every 2.5 hours, according to the schedule on the page on August 24 (we continue to expect information from participants).
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an individual service due to Covid-19.
The bus from Airport will have four stops: Ozolnieki Sports School, Hotel Zemgale, Hotel Jelgava, Sports Hall.
Unfortunately, airport services are currently limited – no restaurants, etc.
If the participants do not want to wait at the airport, it is possible to take the 22nd city bus to the Railway Station, from where there is a train every 45 minutes to Jelgava.

>>> See more about transport during tournament

Take advantage of the electric car rental offer at the airport

Tournament partner Fiqsy offers to rent an e-car for only 41.72 per day (full cost, charging included). Renault Zoe is very comfortable for 4 passengers, it can also be used by 5 passengers. We recommend!
The tournament capacity is up to 10 such e-cars.
The choice has to be made while still in Riga Airport, because it will not be possible to deliver e-cars to Jelgava after that.

>>> See more about transport during tournament

Transport in Jelgava

Tournament transport will not be offered in Jelgava.
Participants who receive tournament accreditation cards will have a free service on city buses.
The list of city buses is synchronized with Google Maps. 
In cases when the games end after the opening hours of the city bus, a special schuttle bus will be provided.

>>> See more about transport during tournament

Take advantage of e-scooter offer in Jelgava

During the tournament, Jelgava Sports Hall and hotels will be designated as pick-up areas. Participants will be able to easily pick up an e-scooter and leave it at the hotel and vice versa. Use it! It is an opportunity to be independent of city transport.

>>> See more about transport during tournament

Transport from Jelgava to the Airport

The shuttle bus will be available on Sunday and Monday.
On Sunday, the bus will pick up participants at the hotel for early morning flights.From 9:30 the bus will pick up participants at the Jelgava Sports Hall.
Tournament transportation will only be provided to participants who have submitted their flight time and number the day before by 15:00.

>>> See more about transport during tournament

Award ceremony

Please note that the medals will also be presented for the semi finalists (3-4th place).
Medals will be awarded after the finals.
The prize ceremony timings will be announced together with order of play for the finals.
There is no prize money for the tournament, but all winners will receive handmade cups made of clay and gifts from tournament sponsors.

>>> See more about prizes

Water supply

“Tērvete” will provide each player with one bottle of still water before the match.
You can drink also city tap water, which is healthy and tasty …

>>> See more about Tervete

TV coverage

Latvian public sports TV channel “SportaCentrs” will show live Latvian player games on Friday, from 13:00 to 17:30
The “SportaCentrs” TV will also broadcast the finals live.
Live stream from all 5 badminton courts will be on available on

Warming up

Jelgava Sports Hall has excellent conditions for the tournament. There is an athletics training zone on the second floor. There will be two badminton nets (without court lines) for warm up available.
There will be a Lavazza Lounge (blue badminton court) in the field of play, where players invited to the Meeting Point can warm up shortly before their match.

Training hall in Ozolnieki sports school

The official training hall during the tournament will be at Ozolnieki Sports School, which is located 7.5 km from Jelgava Sports Hall, in the area served by Jelgava city bus. There will be no tournament transportation provided. The training hall has 4 badminton courts with wooden floor. The training hall will be open for certain hours. The list and rules will be published on the “Practice” page.

The city has a milk, bread and honey festival on Saturday

Traditionally, on the last Saturday of August, the Latvian Milk, Bread and Honey Festival takes place in Jelgava. This means that the city may have a temporary traffic restriction, as well as the fact that participants will have more entertainment options …

>>> See more about Latvian Milk, Bread and Honey Festival

First aid and physiotherapy

As always, there will be first aid on site in the Sports Hall. But this year our partners from Coral Club will also offer additional service – Kinesio taping and Scenar therapy.

Changes to the schedule of matches

There will definitely be changes in the match list and match times for qualification. As per regulations, all changes in the draws will be made during Team manager meeting. After August 9 we have about 20 withdrawnals players from Armenia, Barbados, Canada, Cyprus, England, Estonia, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Malta, Moldova, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Latvia at the MS qualification.
But we also have one player on the Reserve list, who has the right to be drawn to every available Q draw position at Team managers’ meeting. This means that about 10 of the currently published MSQ first round matches will be walkovers.

Team managers meeting also online on Zoom

Participants who will not be able to attend the Team manager meeting Wednesday, August 25, at 20:00, also because they have not received the results of the Covid-19 test, will be able to join Team manager meeting online in the Zoom programm. The other team managers will be able to participate in the meeting on the terrace near the Jelgava Sports Hall.

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