Tournament status report on Friday, August 6th

We promise to answer the status of the tournament on Friday. We decided to try to organize Latvian tournament. We know that players and coaches are waiting for the opportunity to play, the tournament is a motivation to continue training and dream of the growth of badminton with a view to the future.
But we have to be ready that the conditions for the tournament will be specific due to the limitations of Covid-19.

Airport transport

Airport pick-up will be limited because the waiting room at the airport is closed. We guarantee to provide a transport from Airport to Jelgava only on August 25. And, we cannot provide a service like before like a taxi, that the players will be taken to Jelgava immediately. According to the regulations, “the players shall not be required to wait not more than 3 (three) hours for the transport from the point of arrival.” We will provide a bus service every 2.5 hours, according to the schedule.

Starting from August 26, we guarantee provide a transport from the Airport only for those who will arrive late after 22:00, because then it is not possible to catch the last train from Riga station at 23:35. Sport Hall is only 500 meters from the station Jelgava and Hotel Zemgale is less than km from station Cukurfabrika.
There will be one bus service in the evening after the last arrival.

If possible, we will try to provide transport for everyone who arrives during the day on August 26 or 27, but we do not promise. It is not a question of fees, but of logistics. It is possible that all transport will be busy in Jelgava, because the transport flows will have to be divided between vaccinated and non-vaccinated. In the past, transport was provided by volunteers, but now this is not possible due to the limitations of Covid-19, also because the volunteers are scared.

Tournament organizers guarantee to provide transportation to the airport only on the day of the end of the tournament on August 29, as well as for morning flights on August 28 and 30 (departure before 9:00).

Transport in Jelgava

Iin Jelgava transport will be provided for players and coaches who arrive from the “black zone” countries, because they are not allowed to use the public zone.  Players from “open countries” will have the opportunity to use the city’s public transport free of charge, presenting tournament accreditation cards

To compensate for transport problems, the tournament organizers will offer advantageous carsharing and e-scooter rental services. Pickup points will be located at the sport hall and hotel.
>>> See more about Fiqsy

Covid-19 tests

There are no restrictions for vaccinated (certified) players.

But players from the “black zone” countries have:
* Immediately upon arrival, a Covid test must be taken at the Airport (cost of EUR 37)
* from the Airport players and coaches have to go immediately to the hotel. Until a negative test is received, the hotel room must be in quarantine mode (no trainings etc).
* Players can participate in competitions and training, but in other circumstances players must be selfisolated. This means no public events no parties with other players, etc.
* test results are sent at midnight, which means that players and coacjes must arrive in Jelgava or Rīga the night before.

Services in Sports hall

Latvian law allows on-site catering only for vaccinated persons. Therefore, the entire catering area and spectator stands will be open only to vaccinated persons.
Non-vaccinated players will only be able to be in the warm-up area before the game, but must leave the sport hall after the game.
A limited number of people will be able to use the showers and changing rooms at the same time, so players are encouraged to use the services of their hotel.

Tournament guarantees

We are moving forward! But remember that until August 9, national federations can withdraw players. If number of withdraws will be critically high, then we will have the opportunity to decide again to cancel the tournament. 
National governments can also create all kinds of new restrictions. The previous year, week before the tournament, the flights were canceled….
Therefore, tournament organizers warn do not make any prepayments and do not make reservations that cannot be changed or canceled. 

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