Will Yonex Latvia International 2021 be canceled?

On August 1, the organizers of the tournament sent an e-mail to the participants, because the situation has changed within a week since the end of registration. Since this week, the situation is much worse, allowing it to get even worse.This is exactly contrary to our expectations that due to vaccination and warm weather, the spread of Covid-19 will decrease and will not interfere with the tournament.

Currently, all neighbor of Latvia is in the “bad zone”. This affects not only the players but also the umpires and the supply of badminton courts and equipment.

Currently organizing the tournament in pause mode. Tournament organizers are waiting for a response from the National Government, local government and partners.

Tournament organizers continue to make work on the organization of the tournament. But at the same time, it is possible that the tournament will be canceled on Friday. 

Therefore, Tournament organizers encourage players, coaches and umpires to continue to prepare for the tournament, book official hotels (free cancellation), send visa applications, but do not make any prepayments and do not make reservations that cannot be changed or canceled.

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