Anna Kupča wins first gold for Latvia

Anna Kupča became the first Latvian player to win gold at a European U17 circuit tournament. Kupča won the final against Spanish player Cristina Teruel in her town of Sigulda, near the capital of Latvia, Riga. The other four golds at the Yonex Latvia U17 International went to Estonia. Spain took home not only silver but also two bronze medals.

Two Estonian players won double gold. Tauri Kilk was the strongest in men’s singles and men’s doubles, meanwhile, Marta Emili Teller was victorious in both the women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

The Latvia U17 International was held in the Sigulda Sports Centre for the second consecutive year. This year, the number of participants was more modest than a year ago, when young players from 14 countries participated in the tournament. This year, only four countries were represented – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Spain.

Kristians Rozenvalds, Secretary General of the Latvian Badminton Federation commenting on this special moment for Latvia said – “Anna Kupča’s success is historic, both because it is the first Latvian gold medal in one of the European U17 tournaments, and that this tournament was the first European U17 tournament held after COVID-19 forced a pause in the calendar. The last U17 tournament played was the Yonex France U17 Open on 21 February 2020”

Adding further comment on the importance of this tournament, Rozenvalds states: “It is a great responsibility, since the fate of many of the next European U17 tournaments will depend on how successful the tournament was in Sigulda. It is our historical mission to be the first to retake the path.”

Yonex Latvia U17 will begin on Friday, September 11

Badminton Europe office approve our request of reverting to the original tournament time-frame: starting the Yonex Latvian U17 International tournament on Friday (Setember 11) morning as announced in the tournament invitation. 
Latvian government made a favourable  decision to keep Lithuania and Estonia “in the  Baltic Bubble” until Saturtday 12. This means no COVID tests or restrictions are applied for players and coaches from Baltic countries. Players and coaches from Spain will need to have negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before crossing Latvian boarded and another negative test made here 24 hours after arrival. This arrangement will be valid at least until midnight of saturday, 12th of september.
With moving the tournament back to original timeframe we can run most of the tournament matches under clear and safe conditions.

Estonian badminton players triumph in Jelgava

Estonian badminton players won in all five disciplines of “Yonex Latvia International 2020” in Jelgava, moreover, Estonian player Mikels Lanes became the absolute champion of the tournament, winning men’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Italian players won two second places, while Latvian players won three shared third places. The experienced Estonian women’s doubles pair Kati-Crete Marana & Helina Rūtela defended the title won in Jelgava last year. Last year’s winners in other disciplines did not participate in the Jelgava tournament this year.

“Yonex Latvia International 2020” was the first World Badminton ranking tournament after “Yonex All England” on March 15, 2020, so this badminton tournament, which took place at the Zemgale Olympic Center, received special attention all over the world.

We were ready to return world badminton

Evelatus wireless earphones as prise for all winners

Evelatus will offer the main prize for all eight winners of the Latvian tournament – Evelatus Wireless Earphones 2020 Extra Bass Black.

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